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You've heard the old saying location, location, location... this typically refers to the cost of owning real estate but it can also refer to the importance of where to locate your Sierra Greenhouse.
The preferred solar location of the horticultural greenhouse is south facing, followed by southeast, southwest, eastern, western and northern.
To minimize heat loss, consideration should be given to a location sheltered from the prevailing winds. Although shade from adjoining or nearby buildings is undesirable, the shade of deciduous trees may be welcome, giving summer shade and winter sunlight.
If sunlight is too intense during summer months, an inexpensive shade cloth can be attached to the greenhouse in hot months and removed during cooler months of the year.

Whatever location you choose, modifications such as glazing, coolers, and heaters can be made, however, keep the direction of the sun and its intensity in mind when choosing the location for your Sierra Greenhouse.

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